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Ministry and Service Blog

We are closing this site soon. Please visit us at the combined service/ministry blog the link may be found on the University Ministry page, under Student Services.  Carol


A Year of Service

In past years Marylhurst has hosted a “Spring into Service” program during the month of April. This year focused on smaller projects and on consistently offering our community the opportunity to participate in those projects. A few of the things we’ve done:

  • We collected, along with the Sisters of the Holy Names, 3 carloads of “delicates” and bath items for women who have recently been rescued from trafficking.
  • We collected over $250 in cash and gift cards for the agencies who support this women to use as needed.
  • We hosted a blood drive in February and are preparing for a drive on April 2nd.
  • During the height of the cold weather we collected over 80 pairs of gloves for the homeless in our local area.
  • We’ve met with the good folks at the MacDonald Center in downtown Portland to explore how members of our community might be of assistance to their community.
  • We are beginning a relationship with “Our Father’s House” a shelter in Oregon City. We plan to serve a monthly meal to the folks who come to the shelter and to make sandwiches once a month here on campus to be taken to the shelter for the homeless in need of a meal.
  • Members of our community generously share with one-another through the student food pantry located in Marian Hall.

Blessings on you as you find ways to serve others,



January Service

Ah, a new year, an new start.  Why not take a few minutes of your time to help someone in need?

On Tuesday, January 29th we will be hosting a blood drive. If you wish to donate blood on that day please contact me, at so I can schedule you for a time.

During the month of January we will be collecting “delicates” for girls and women who have been rescued from human trafficking. We ask that you bring new items (bras, underpaints…) or that you help by donating a gift card to a local store. Even $5.00 helps, so give what you can.

Please look for bins around campus starting on January 11th. If you wish to donate a gift card please bring it to Sister Carol’s office (Marian 202) or to Sister Carole’s office (BP John 107). If we aren’t in just slide the card under the door.

As always the university has a student pantry in Marian hall (across from my office–room 202). When you can please bring food and/or household items to share with students who need a little help. If you need food or household items you are always welcome to come and take what you need. We know you’ll help when you can.

Many thanks for helping both of these important projects.


Spring Break Mission Trip



Children in Jonestown

Children in Jonestown


Adults Getting HealthyGreetings,

We are very excited to announce our first Marylhurst University Mission trip!  We will be taking a small group of students, staff, faculty, alumns, and friends of the university to Jonestown, Mississippi.  The trip will be during Spring Break, March 23-30. (We are thinking we’ll leave on Saturday and return the following Saturday — but we may shift to Sunday if air fair is significantly cheaper.)  The estimated cost of the trip is $1,300 which includes air fair, motel, ground transportation, and simple meals.  Students may take this trip as a 3 credit course, which will require additional work once we return from the trip.

The purpose of the trip is for members of the Marylhurst community to engage in direct service with the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  Our time in Mississippi will be spent working with the sisters in their mission of service to the people of Mississippi.  We will do some of the following:  gardening, house painting, tutoring, visiting with the elderly.  We’ll spend time working, reflecting on our experience, and sharing our experiences with one another.  We’ll also have the opportunity to see a bit of the Delta and of course we’ll check out Memphis!

Jonestown is a small town and it is one of the poorest communities in the United States. Our sisters have been there for over twenty five years!

Currently our sisters run four programs in Mississippi — two in Jonestown and two in nearby Tutwiler.  Our time will be spent in Jonestown, but we will be sure to take time to visit the Tutwiler community as well.

I’ve attached links to the websites and/or newsletters for the four ministry sites — take a look.

Please contact me if you are interested — I’d love to talk with you about the trip.  Even if you cannot commit to the trip you may wish to make a donation, as one of our goals is to provide the sisters with funds to continue their work in Mississippi.

More information to come — so keep checking back!

Happy Thanksgiving, Carol

Thinking of Holiday Service?

As we move into the holiday season many of us desire to be of help to others.  A few quick and easy ways you might help:

The next time you come to campus bring some food for our student food pantry.  The pantry is located in Marian Hall — just turn to your left as you come in the main doors, the pantry is on the left just as you go through the arch.  The pantry is there for the use of all of our students – so if you are in need please take what you need.  One of the observations I have about the food pantry is that nobody wants to take the last items – so when the pantry is low on supplies those who need food tend to take less — so that others will be able to get what they need.  Pretty cool!  But, problematic for those of us who want all of our students to have what they need.  So please consider helping, if and when you can.

In the community at large — have you cleaned out your closets recently?  Many folks find that less is really more, so the next time you feel the yen to clean take what you don’t need to an agency that will sell it and use the profits to support programs which serve those in our community who are in need.

Thinking bigger?  What are you doing the last week of March (spring break).  We’ll be taking a small group of select students to Mississippi for a week of service in Jonestown.  We’ll be assisting the Sisters of the Holy Names in their ministry to folks living in one of the poorest counties in the country. 

Have a grand day!


Charity or Compassion?

Today at our weekly Mass, Fr. Rick spoke on the difference between charity and compassion.   Charity is a good thing!  We need people to be charitable with time, money, and prayer.  But is it enough?  When we act out of charity we are in control.  We give service to another person and we see ourselves as the helper and the other person as the one in need.  But are we not all in need?  Compassion on the other hand, might look exactly the same from the outside, but our inner attitude is one of mutuality.  We serve the other person, and we allow the other person to serve us.  Compassionate service is transformative and it is relational.  

We invite those of you who are currently volunteering to consider joining us to reflect on your service — what does it mean to you personally?  How has service changed your worldview?  What have been your struggles and your joys? 

We’ll be setting up a couple of meetings in the coming weeks so that folks who volunteer can come together to reflect on the experience of service.  For those of you who are not near the Marylhurst campus we’d love to assist you in your reflection as well.  So, look for ideas for reflection to be posted in this blog — usually on Mondays.

If you’re not currently volunteering and are looking for a site, please contact us as we can assist you in that process.

Have a great day!


Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome our students both near and far back to Marylhurst. 

Fall is a time of new beginnings and the service program is in the process of new beginnings as well.  Starting this fall the volunteer service program will be under the department of Mission Integration and will be managed through the office of campus ministry.

What does this mean?  As we lunch our program this fall we plan to offer the same service of facilitating relationships between agencies and volunteers and we will begin offering sessions for volunteers to come together to reflect on their service.  We believe that service is transformative, but we do need to take time to ponder how serving others transforms us. 

Watch this space for more information — and for coming updates to the look of this site.


Sister Carol, campus minister/service program coordinator