International Day of Peace

On Monday, September 21, local communities and universities throughout the world will observe the International Day of Peace. In 1981, the United Nations adopted a resolution that designated September 21 as the day when people will recommit themselves to working for peace. Since then, people in nearly every nation have organized special events and actions to underscore their commitment to working for peace. This year, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has launched the WMD-We Must Disarm Campaign, calling for nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation of conventional arms.

Monday, September 21, 2009



Center for Intercultural Organizing
700 N. Killingsworth Street
Portland, Oregon 97217  see map
Phone: (503) 287-4117

Kathy Masarie MD and Sarah Peyton will introduce compassionate communication, a powerful tool for creating the quality of communication, trust, respect and cooperation in your relationships with others and with yourself.  It is based on the premise that feelings and needs are at the core of all human behavior, which allows one to connect with empathy with others, no matter what their behaviors look like.  This approach, based on Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg, can bring a sense of peace and calmness in our lives that we all long for.

Kids and Family:

A celebration of International Day of Peace by placing individual pinwheels with messages of peace made by children from all over Portland and the world in a large tree shape. Will include music, storytelling, speakers and more. Come join us and celebrate:

Franciscan Montessori Earth School 2-4pm

14750 SE Clinton St.
Portland , Oregon

With the children we will light a candle for each continent then have a moment of silence to send happy, peaceful thoughts around the world. We will sing peace songs and plant a tree. Join and celebrate:

Child’s View Montessori School 2-4pm

4729 SW Taylor’s Ferry Road
Portland, Oregon 97219

Welcome a new year of peace.


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