Typhoon Ondoy: Letter Calling for Assistance

Dear Marylhurst Community,

Today I received a request from the World Vision organization in the Philippines to help with their county’s most recent disaster. I have a number of friends in the Philippines and have travelled there often in the last 5 years. If you know anything about this part of the world, the people there are regular victims of typhoons and floods which literally destroy homes in a wash of mud. Typhoon Ondoy, this past weekend, has taken the lives of 140 people by drowning and left 58,000 people homeless on the Island of Luzon, the location of Manila. The Philippines is an extremely poor, third world country.

I am attaching the World Vision request and will collect any money that Marylhurst people want to donate to this cause. The easiest way is to come see me in the Education Department, 3rd Floor of BP John, or if you send a check in the inter office mail, write it to me, Robert Barry. I will cash it and make one payment to World Vision and give you a receipt for your donation.

Please contact me by Thursday of this week. The need is great and the people in the Philippines are worthy of our assistance.


Thank you,



Robert A. Barry, PhD

Department of Education

Marylhurst University




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