Service-Learning Abroad!

TEFL International:

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a fantastic way to travel and get paid to do so. TEFL International is a non-profit international training organization, creating intercultural opportunities for our customers through various services including, but not limited to: teacher education, language training, camps, internships, and much more. This organization offers a number of volunteer projects and internships that can be accepted for credit at Marylhurst!

Why teach abroad?

This work allows one to experience cultures and learn languages at locations from Prague to Tokyo. One has the opportunity to establish friendships around the world. This work is also stable. In the age of the internet, English is necessary for business and academia. Because of this, there are always jobs available for TEFL teachers. Teaching children and adults how to express themselves in English, and thereby helping them to achieve what they would not be able to otherwise, makes TEFL teachers respected all over the world.

Get Paid or Get Credit:

For undergarduate students, Service-Learning is an option. Travel to Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal or India and TEFL will work with you to get full-time status (12+ credits) as you are trained as an English teacher and volunteer in a school that cannot afford a native English-speaking teacher. Come back with your incredible memories, great addition to your resume and money. Depending upon your university policy, the cost of this program may be less than a term at home.

If you’ve graduated and you are interested in professional or volunteer positions, with 27 worldwide locations and lifetime job placement assistance, there is sure to be something that strikes you! With courses starting at just $1,590 including housing and salaries that can allow you to save up to $3,000 per month (depending upon the location), you may be able to start a new chapter of your life abroad.

What do TEFL International teachers have to say?

Student and teacher feedback is not only welcomed, it is mandatory. One’s impressions on the training courses and entire TEFL International experience are recorded and posted on, unedited and uncesored. Open honesty and interaction have been this organization’s watchword from the start.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Derek and Indy States are Career Placement Counselors ready to answer your questions and provide any assistance necessary in the process of becoming a TEFL International teacher.

Skype: mytraveladvisor

(503) 689 – 3337

Get out there!


Work that needs you…

October is Nonprofit Career Month! Why work with a nonprofit? Here are a couple of reflections:

It’s a labor of love… I have been a consultant for nonprofits for nearly 25 years. I have first and foremost been drawn to the cause which equates to serving a specific population; the cause has almost always been surrounded and supported by like-minded, extraordinary people; because ultimately the work has been a labor of love not overwhelming salaries.Charlene  

The power of media creation is still in the hands of the rich – those with expensive computers, broadband connections, and the necessary knowledge. And let’s not forget how difficult it is to create stuff when you’re working hard trying to support yourself (and your family, in certain cases). When I look at Homeless Nation, I see people actively working to topple that structure. They give homeless people what is necessary to reach people, just like podcasters and videobloggers are trying to reach people. They aren’t deciding what’s worthy – instead, they’re placing that in the hands of their users. For that reason, I want to be a part of what they are doing.      Homeless Nation

What are you most passionate about? Volunteering or working in a nonprofit may allow one to pursue that passion. Click here for tips on finding an appropriate volunteer position for you. Click here to explore current nonprofit career options and to see what else is happening this Nonprofit Career Month.