International Service-Learning

A Practical Guide to Developing Powerful International Service-Learning Programs

Tuesday, April 13th ~ 1:00-2:30pm EDT


Registration Information
If you can not make this date and time, you can watch the recording.



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 Webinar Description

International service-learning, when it is done well, can connect the best of study abroad with the best of volunteerism to create a powerful experience for students and an activity that leaves something useful behind in the host-country.  Knowing which models are appropriate for your institution and for particular disciplines is necessary in order to develop and implement successful programs.  This webinar will develop a rationale for international service-learning and present some possible models for implementation.  The presenter will also identify the common obstacles and ethical issues that are related to international service-learning, as well as how to address them.



Participants will learn:

  • Reasons for initiating international service-learning in your institution.
  • Models for international service-learning that are appropriate to their institutions and to particular disciplines.
  • How to seize opportunities and overcoming obstacles to implementation.
  • How to address the ethical issues that international service-learning raises.



Who Should Attend?

  • Study abroad advisers
  • Service-learning specialists
  • Faculty members
  • Deans of instruction

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