Wednesday Walk-A-Thon!

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Within one hour we raised a whopping $850.00 for the Oregon Food Bank!

  • The “best costume” prize went to Kelly Ann Lee, who, indeed, walked the whole walk-a-thon hula-hooping!
  • T-Shirts went to the five participants who raked in the most money for OFB; Michael Lammers, Melissa Cadish, Kelly Ann Lee, Jan Debrowski and Sandy Pittenger.  

BIG thanks to each person who contributed to this cause through walking, fund-raising, dressing up, and/or getting the word out! Because of all of you, the Oregon Food Bank can continue feeding the 240,000 people per month who are facing food insecurity.

 Make sure to join us for our culminating celebration, The Spring Fling, tomorrow April 29th in Marian Hall’s GreatRoom from 3-4pm. There will be music (dancing?), food (potluck), wine, punch and, as always, great company!




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