Spring into Service Results & Evaluation

Marylhurst’s first campus-wide service event, Spring into Service has come to a close. Thanks to all who participated! Please take a moment to complete the online survey to help improve future service events. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Survey (Please Complete by Friday, May 7th at 5pm) : http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LWB97J5″>Click 

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Photo Force Exhibition. 130 attendees.

• Oregon Hunger Relief Task Force: alleviating hunger at its root. (Patti Whitney-Wise)

• Oregon Food Bank: feeding the hungry of Oregon. (Annie Herbert)

• 13 Departmental Auction Items brought in $1200 for OFB

• Month Long Food Drive brought in 15 baskets full of food to donate to OFB.

• Food for Fines and Display on Food Insecurity in the Library.

• Ecumenical Worship Service on Hunger : 25 attendees and a chance to reflect on the causes of hunger and pray for those facing food insecurity. 27 attendees. This event raised $60 for OFB

• $2.00 Tuesdays:

Poverty in US versus other countries. (Nancy Gibson) 5 attendees.

KIVA : providing micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. (Melanie Booth) 22 attendees

• Earth Day talk on Vertical Farming: Building community through urban agriculture. (Linda Heidvogel) 32 attendees.

• Wednesday Walk-A-Thon: 28 attendees and $850 raised for OFB.

• MBA versus Undergrad Business OFB fundraiser: $150 raised for OFB

Spring into Service Participants: 300 +

Money raised for OFB: $3,260


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