The Marylhurst University Service Program presents…

Alumni Leaders in Service
Tuesday, October 12th
7:00 – 9:00 PM
Old Library

This year’s Homecoming events showcase the sustainable actions, service and scholarship of our Alumni. A panel of six outstanding alumni, who significantly transform their  communities through service, will speak about their work. Please welcome back…

Josh Cox – 2009 BS Business & Leadership

He was recently elected President of the Washington County Rotaract, a group of professionals dedicated to making an impact internationally and in the community through service, social and networking events.

Scott Selfridge – 2008 BA Religious Studies
Scott’s most recent service work has beenwith Operation Night Watch, working with Portland’s homeless as a hospitality staff member on Thursday and Friday nights. He also serves on ONW’s Board of Directors, learning how a nonprofit is governed.

Lanita Duke – 2010 BA History and Cultural Studies, Psy. Minor
Lanita currently works with the Multnomah County Juvenile Justice as a Custody Service Specialist. She works closely with high-risk youth and families. She is the founder and director of Grassroot News, an organization which educates at-risk youth and teen parents on domestic  violence and gang violence. GN also provides skills to attain employment.

LaVerne B. Brown – 1951 BA Sociology
In the early 50’s, La Verne worked with the Urban Leage and Blanchet House to register as many black voters as possible to facilitate changes in civil rights opportunities for all people of color and defeat the exclusion laws in the state of Oregon. In San Francisco, in the 60’s, LaVerne spoke for the Catholic Interracial Council’s in efforts to defeat housing initiatives that would not allow various minorities
to obtain housing though they had proper funding and above average employment. Lanita has continued her work in Portland with Job Corps, Women In Community Service and currently serves on the Executive Board of the Portland Urban League.

Travis Van Staaveren – 2005 MA Interdisciplinary Studies
Travis founded the organization Sanctity of Hope in 2003. Since 2003 SOH has been hard at work helping the people of Portland Metropolitan area take care of the needs of the homeless.  SOH has been working with individuals, businesses, schools, and other non-profits to make taking care of the most basic needs of the homeless as easy and convenient as possible. In example, for fun, SOH hosts a barbeque every Wednesday night along the Willamette river for whomever shows up.

Tawna Sanchez – 2008 BA Interdisciplinary Studies Tawna works as the Director of Family Services at the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA). In this position, she provides elder care, foster care and healing family services to those facing domestic violence, unemployment and housing barriers throughout the Portland Metropolitan area.

Marylhurst’s helping hand in this work:

“Marylhurst helped form my service work in
two ways; by providing the foundation to feel
more complete as a person and therefore ready
to serve in the community, and inspiration from
the staff and cohort’ commitment to serving others.”


“The beauty of a liberal arts education and especially the
Interdisciplinary Studies degree at Marylhurst is the ‘rounding’
which takes place. Few of us know what we’re going to do
‘when we grow up’ and none of us know what opportunities
and trouble will come our way. Most of us do, however, know
our strengths and weaknesses. My education at Marylhurst
sharpened my strengths and dulled my weaknesses enough to
actually know I can do anything. With Existential Christianity
as my Master’s thesis, ‘doing’ took the form of Sanctity of Hope.”

“The behavior of faculty and staff at Marylhurst was probably the
biggest influence on understanding the need to be of service and give
back to the community.”

“Marylhurst University reinforces what I always believed through
studies in science and philosophy. Also, the entire Marylhurst
community accepts me for who I am. This is huge.”

This event is brought to you by the Marylhurst University Service Program. If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Baker, Service Program Coordinator at (503) 534-4063 / For those who need acommodations, please contact Disability Services at (503) 636-8141.


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