Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day!

February’s Oregon Food Bank Visit 

February is just around the corner, and the next monthly Oregon Food Bank visit upon us! What better way to spend a couple of hours on Valentine’s Day than with your MU community packing food at the Oregon Food Bank?  

Volunteers play a vital role in Oregon Food Bank’s efforts to collect and distribute food to over 900 partner agencies throughout Oregon and southwest Washington. Your participation in the fight against hunger is definitely appreciated! 
Please join us Monday, February 14th from 10am to noon.
Space is limited, so RSVP by 1/31 to:
Amanda Baker
Marylhurst Service Program Coordinator
(503) 534-4063


Egyptian Coptic Christians Prayer Service

Dear Colleagues and Students: I want to encourage everyone who possibly can to come to Tomorrow’s (Friday) Interfaith Service, Wiegand, 12:30-12:50. The prayer service will be to remember and honor the Egyptian Coptic Christians who were murdered in the Cathedral. (Also Christians in Iraq and other sites who are being persecuted, ousted, and killed, as well as persons every place in the world who are being oppressed for their Beliefs, Cultures, and Identities.) So please “eat a fast lunch,” or munch later, and join us?

Interfaith Service of Remembrance for Egyptian Coptic Christians
Leaders: Cecilia Ranger, Student and Staff Readers
Wiegand Chapel and Performance Center
Friday, January 21, 12:30-12:50

A University’s Calling…

Check out this great article about a University’s ability to transform the community in which it lives:


Marylhurst Student Food Pantry – Open Now!

I am pleased to announce that the student food bank is now up and running and overflowing with food! The food bank is located just outside of the main first floor lobby of Marian Hall in the west wing. It is a large cabinet in the hallway that is well marked and well stocked with non perishable food items. All MU folks who are in need of food are welcome to come to the cabinet, open the door and take what they need. no check in no limits no permissions no anything – just come and take what you need along with the blessing and care of the MU community.

If students have need and they are on campus at a time when Marian Hall is locked up tight, they can check in with reception and a security person will open Marian for the student to get some food and then they will lock Marian back up. I also invite all of us to participate in keeping the food pantry full. So anytime you think of it or are moved to do so just come by Marian Hall and open up the cabinet and place some food into it no check in no reporting no required process no anything just come in and give what you want along with the blessing and care of the MU community.

We will monitor the food pantry to keep it neat and tidy and pull any food that is perishable, we have a back up storage area if it becomes too full, and if need be we will either formalize our request to the community for more food when we run low or share the food more broadly if we are really overflowing with resources.

 Thanks to Mark and his great staff who got the pantry in place so quickly, thanks to all who came to the winter jam dance and brought food, the alumni leadership team that collected and brought food and all others who have donated food. Thanks for my staff who worked hard to move and organize all of the food. It takes a village, and my, do we have a great one!

– Bill Zuelke, Dean of Students