Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division Service Event

On Jan 25, a group Marylhurst Staff and students sorted through donated clothing for   Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division.  Since 1923, the Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division has been providing emergency food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need. Whether due to the loss of a job, domestic crime, illness, or victims of fire or disaster, the Sunshine Division has built an 89-year legacy of mobilizing quickly and efficiently to assist distressed Portlanders. PPBSD offer emergency food assistance five days a week at our North Portland warehouse as well as 24/7 through our partnership with the Portland Police Bureau who store food boxes at each police precinct that can be dispatched to people in need at any time. In addition to food relief PPBSD also offer new and gently used clothing to those in need at our North Portland facility.

The Marylhurst group spent two hours sorting new and gently used clothing. These items included shoes, coats, men’s and woman’s clothing, children’s clothing and profession wear.  After sorting, the clothing was made immediately accessible to PPBSD clients.  Thank you to all the 11 volunteer that participated.  Their commitment to service in our community is amazing!

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Here are some of the volunteers comments about their experience:  

 “I’m always amazed at how much can get done with the power of a committed GROUP.  Attention to sanitation is important. Respect the donation and intention, but keep people safe.  I was reminded that there are other, smaller local avenues for donating besides the conglomerate Good Will. They might not have the fancy infrastructure, but they have the heart. There is always room to learn something about oneself and others, especially in uncomfortable circumstances. Humor is the spice of life! And I really love my co-workers!!”               Kirsten Gauthier-Newbury

 “This was a good experience for me. It opened my eyes in a very real way how blessed I am: I have a roof over my head, clothes to wear and food to eat. There are so many who don’t have what I have. Working with all of you doing the work forced me out of my comfort zone which is a good thing.”           Christine Caton

“It was fun!”  Chris Sweet

If you are interested in future service events, please contact Pam Leibrant.   pleibrant@marylhurst.edu .


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