Charity or Compassion?

Today at our weekly Mass, Fr. Rick spoke on the difference between charity and compassion.   Charity is a good thing!  We need people to be charitable with time, money, and prayer.  But is it enough?  When we act out of charity we are in control.  We give service to another person and we see ourselves as the helper and the other person as the one in need.  But are we not all in need?  Compassion on the other hand, might look exactly the same from the outside, but our inner attitude is one of mutuality.  We serve the other person, and we allow the other person to serve us.  Compassionate service is transformative and it is relational.  

We invite those of you who are currently volunteering to consider joining us to reflect on your service — what does it mean to you personally?  How has service changed your worldview?  What have been your struggles and your joys? 

We’ll be setting up a couple of meetings in the coming weeks so that folks who volunteer can come together to reflect on the experience of service.  For those of you who are not near the Marylhurst campus we’d love to assist you in your reflection as well.  So, look for ideas for reflection to be posted in this blog — usually on Mondays.

If you’re not currently volunteering and are looking for a site, please contact us as we can assist you in that process.

Have a great day!



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