Thinking of Holiday Service?

As we move into the holiday season many of us desire to be of help to others.  A few quick and easy ways you might help:

The next time you come to campus bring some food for our student food pantry.  The pantry is located in Marian Hall — just turn to your left as you come in the main doors, the pantry is on the left just as you go through the arch.  The pantry is there for the use of all of our students – so if you are in need please take what you need.  One of the observations I have about the food pantry is that nobody wants to take the last items – so when the pantry is low on supplies those who need food tend to take less — so that others will be able to get what they need.  Pretty cool!  But, problematic for those of us who want all of our students to have what they need.  So please consider helping, if and when you can.

In the community at large — have you cleaned out your closets recently?  Many folks find that less is really more, so the next time you feel the yen to clean take what you don’t need to an agency that will sell it and use the profits to support programs which serve those in our community who are in need.

Thinking bigger?  What are you doing the last week of March (spring break).  We’ll be taking a small group of select students to Mississippi for a week of service in Jonestown.  We’ll be assisting the Sisters of the Holy Names in their ministry to folks living in one of the poorest counties in the country. 

Have a grand day!



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