January Service

Ah, a new year, an new start.  Why not take a few minutes of your time to help someone in need?

On Tuesday, January 29th we will be hosting a blood drive. If you wish to donate blood on that day please contact me, at chiggins@marylhurst.edu so I can schedule you for a time.

During the month of January we will be collecting “delicates” for girls and women who have been rescued from human trafficking. We ask that you bring new items (bras, underpaints…) or that you help by donating a gift card to a local store. Even $5.00 helps, so give what you can.

Please look for bins around campus starting on January 11th. If you wish to donate a gift card please bring it to Sister Carol’s office (Marian 202) or to Sister Carole’s office (BP John 107). If we aren’t in just slide the card under the door.

As always the university has a student pantry in Marian hall (across from my office–room 202). When you can please bring food and/or household items to share with students who need a little help. If you need food or household items you are always welcome to come and take what you need. We know you’ll help when you can.

Many thanks for helping both of these important projects.