Visionary to Concrete

The classroom is a place to reflect on the physical existence of communities and galvanize ways to better them. The YWCA LearnLinks program  is an after-school tutoring and group mentoring program for children residing in affordable housing facilities throughout the Portland and David Douglas School District. LearnLinks can offer students in education and social and behavioral sciences excellent opportunities to utilize skills and deepen their understanding of issues they are studying in the classroom through hands-on experience.

After a brief training, LearnLinks volunteers work one-on-one or in group learning activities to assist with homework, reinforce basic skills such as reading and math, and play educational games with students. Volunteers with special interests in science, computers or the arts are encouraged to share their skills. LearnLinks also has opportunities for students seeking experience in building community development skills.

The next volunteer orientation is Thursday, September 17th from                      6:00 – 8:30 pm at the downtown YWCA.  To get involved, contact: 

YWCA LearnLinks Program

Tonya Parsons, Program Manager
Phone: 503.721.1752
Time of year: School year
Mailing Address: 1111 SW 10th                                                                        E-mail:

Bring what you learn in the classroom to the playground.


Sustaining Portland’s Creative Community

Volunteer this September to strengthen and sustain the arts in the Portland Metropolitan Region. Join the Creative Advocacy Network (CAN) to raise awareness and interest in the need for an increase in public funding for the arts. Sign up now to attend the Oregon Symphony at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Art in the Pearl and/or T.B.A. as a member of the CAN Crew. Volunteers will be invited to attend a brief training, ready with materials, swag and talking points, clothed in a stylish CAN t-shirt and unleashed on the crowds to circulate surveys and sign up members.

If you’d like to sign up for one or more 3-hour shifts, please e-mail or call 503-803-3729.

Together we CAN!