The Marylhurst Service Program was initiated in 2009 and seeks to provide volunteer service to multiple community-based organizations that assist communities and people in need. In doing so, the program will meet several service-oriented goals at once:

  • To increase the amount of Marylhurst volunteer hours in community-service programs and activities;
  • To positively impact community-service needs by the quality of Marylhurst volunteerism, and;
  • To develop a sustainable culture of community-service that influences multiple constituents of Marylhurst, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other Marylhurst community members.

The three specific components of the Marylhurst Service Program will support obtaining these goals as follows:

Service Partnerships:Fostering service partnerships will allow the University to create and support sustainable service-oriented projects that can provide opportunities for the other two components of this Program: Service Activities and Service Learning.

Service Activities: Coordinating service-oriented activities will increase the number and quality of activities and projects that Marylhurst community members (staff, students, alumni, etc.) participate in, thus exponentially expanding our outreach and support to communities and people in need.

Service Learning: This component of the Marylhurst Service Program will help Marylhurst students apply, integrate, and deepen their academic learning while addressing real needs in the community. It will also help foster a sense of volunteerism that our students may take with them long after the formal learning is over.

Service Volunteer Opportunities

The Service program is committed to providing you with opportunities for leadership development through participation in out-of-classroom programs and activities. Through the implementation and support of programs and activities which serve to enhance both the campus and community environments, you will develop leadership knowledge, skills and abilities which both supplements and complements classroom learning.  Here is a list of organizations that are partnered with the university.  If you are interested, please fill out the form or send an email  to Sister Carol Higginschiggins@marylhurst.edu .   An application will be sent to you upon your request.

 Volunteer Organizations

Community Development/Social Justice

Cultural Diversity/Refugee Support Work

Senior Citizens Programs



Human Social Services/Hunger Relief


For more information about the Marylhurst Service Program and how to get involved, please email: serviceprogram@marylhurst.edu

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